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Welcome to my creative space!

My name is Federica, call me Fedi!

WHO AM I? I am a professional photographer and a creative mind working as well in social media management. I specialise in portraits, food and lifestyle. Sharing my experience as a freelancer and independent photographer  is part of my work and I benefit from it in different ways, because I believe that as an entrepreneur that is one good way to develop my skills, through precious and valuable experiences.


WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? Being a photographer, I will be able to create professional images for you and your project / business and as well creation of content for website and social media channels. 

I can also manage your social media accounts and be the voice of your brand sharing your values through authentic and outstanding content.



Since I was a child, I love to create: writing, painting, cooking, decorating, photographing and much more. I feel satisfied when I am creating something, possibly in the creative industry and possibly  useful. I have been teaching languages  in the past and I started hosting photography workshops because I enjoy it a lot. My job is part of my identity and I believe I can speak my truth via my images and creative work. It took me sometime to realise that and now that I know what I can really do great, I won't waste this opportunity.


The reason of the creation of this platform is to be able to serve more creative minds through my skills. I want to share with all of you my experience so that you will be able to find your inner talent in photography or in a freelancing positon. Teaching is for me a way to connect with people who share my same passions and values and the satisfaction I get from it is priceless. 


The story behind my workshops

Everything started in Lausanne, back in 2018, when I hosted my first food photography workshop thanks to my courage and the help of some friends. I remember I had not charged any money for it, as I believed that being my first workshop I was not allowed LOL

That workshop was a total success and I also asked the participants to complete a survey to know exactly how they felt, what was missing during my workshop and if they enjoyed the overall experience. This idea was also a success, as I received sincere feedbacks that allowed me to adapt and improve my future workshops. After that, I think I hosted more than 15 during the past years, group workshops and one to ones. I also collaborated with different private schools here in Switzerland and continued gaining experience in teaching photography, not only food but also portraiture.

Have a look at some behind the scenes to get a feeling of what my workshop can be like