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How do you photograph someone with food?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

You are bored of photographing always plates without people?

Well, that's ok! I like adding models to my pictures, it adds certainly some real life and dynamic to the picture, so that your plate will stand out even more.

There are a few things to pay attention before and I have listed them below :-)

  1. Be prepared with an idea of image you want to shoot. This point is valid not only for this specific topic, I know, although in this situation, if you do not have clear ideas of what you want to shoot, you risk of wasting the time of the model and your time too. In order to find the idea, I use Pinterest a lot, I guess like a lot of people! It's a precious platform that I consider even more creative than any other. If you want to know my process of brainstorming and creation of mood board on Pinterest, check this out!

  2. Be close to your model. If you only have one person acting in your scene, be prepared to let her or him feel at ease. It is one of the most important steps in order to achieve the most natural look in your pictures. Talk to your model, laugh, make jokes and you will see a huge difference. Communication is key, also in photography!

  3. It's not only about the food, this time you will have to focus on the model too. It's actually a double photo session : PORTRAIT + FOOD ! Remember to check the expression of the model and if she or he is actually chewing, it probably won't look nice, so you might have to consider different poses and expressions. My special tip here is to let the model play with the fork, with the food and with the set in general. You want to create a playful scene or at least you want to draw public's attention to the main dish through the model's movement.

  4. The location, the people, the emotions, the clothing, the props, and the food should all work together to tell a story.This is so obvious, although remembering to style the scene and the mood to all the different elements is not that easy and it mig