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How to be more confident during a photoshoot?

Today I want to share some tips to overcome that uncomfortable stress and feeling of tension when there’s a camera in front of us!

I’m a photographer but I was a model too and sometimes I take photos of myself and I know how hard it can be and you might want to avoid taking photos of yourself because of this discomfort.

Are you one of those people too? Well, you are not alone and it’s ok because there are ways you can improve and start enjoying taking photos of yourself, because who said you can’t? It’s actually healthy and it will improve your self value and inner confidence. I’m not saying you have to do it in order to feel more confident, however it’s something that can help you feel better within your skin by accepting and embracing yourself and your beauty!

Here are my tips:

1. Surround yourself by a team of creatives that make you feel at ease.

2. Check their work in depth before you hire them so that you know what the result could be and if you are looking for a specific style ask them if they can provide that.

3. Talk to them to get to know them so that you will start building a relationship with them prior the photoshoot. It’s essential to be able to communicate with the photographer and stylist so that you can share your fears and they can work together with you to overcome them.

3. Forget about all your fears and doubts while you take photos : breath and enjoy the moment.

4. When shooting in the street, you might start stressing because of other peoples looks and attention on you; forget about them, they probably think you are some kind of celebrity and are just curious!

5. Book a shoot only when you feel you are ready and that it’s the right moment for you! This way you will fully enjoy it and the result will be mindblowing 🙌

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